17th Annual Walk the Loop for Lupus
First Last Sbup Organization Team Name
Crista Aguayo AGERO Agero
Nancy Aguilar Bayview Loan Servicing Bayview Loan Servicing
VICKI ALLISON Bayview Loan Servicing Bayview Loan Servicing
cathy alvarado    
Angie Alvarez Agero Agero
Nick Ambrose   The dreamers
Alicia Anderson Agero Agero
Brooklynn Anderson Agero Agero
Samantha Anderson Agero Agero
Sara Anderson Agero Agero
Pam Anderson    
Bill Anderson    
Celina Andrade   Dominators
Iran Andrade   Dominators
Dominic Andrade   Dominators
Carmen Andrade   Dominators
Mike Andrade   Dominators
Mary Arment Agero Agero
Teresa Austin Agero Agero
Kathleen Autz   Nanees Butterflies
Jeannie Backes   Backes Butterflies
Joni Backes   Backes Butterflies
Cassandra Baginski   Agero
Kathy Bailey   The dreamers
Micheal Bailey   The dreamers
Lani Baker   Too Legit To Quit
Karil Barbieux   Too Legit To Quit
Mariah Bargas   Lex's Lupus Warriors
Mariah Bargas Agero Agero
Paul Barker Finley Distributing  
Jeremy Beach   Barb is Alive
Mireille Bearden Bearden    
Toryn Bentlage   Agero
Kanye Berry   The dreamers
Tom Bim   Team ADK Psi
Mary Bojorquez   Lex's Lupus Warriors
Angelina Bojorquez   Lex's Lupus Warriors
Christina Bojorquez   Lex's Lupus Warriors
Alexis Bojorquez   Lex's Lupus Warriors
Richard Bracamonte    
CLARE BRADY Bayview Loan Servicing Bayview Loan Servicing
Michelle Branson   Evans Team
Beth Braun Agero Agero
.Ryan Brown   Backes Butterflies
Sarah Brown   Backes Butterflies
Jaime Bustamante   Team Fonda
Kelly Button   Living La Vida Lupie
Barbara Caid AGERO Agero
Breann Caid-Bentlage   Agero
Jayden Canovali   Agero
Kayson Canovali   Agero
Blanca Carrizosa   Team Lupy
AJ Carter Finley Distributing  
Paul Carter Finley Distributing  
Jay Carter Finley Distributing  
Dawn Carter Bayview Loan Servicing Bayview Loan Servicing
Tommie Casey Agero Agero
Tiffany Castillo Agero Agero
Raymond Castillo AGERO Agero
ZoĆ« Castillo Lucas   Agero
Jennifer Ceccardi   Team ADK Psi
Ilianna Ceniceros   Lupus Lobos
Margarita Cervantes   Raychel's Heroes
Leatrice Ciaravella   The Purple People Eaters
Anthony Ciaravella   The Purple People Eaters
Genesis Coder-Hoskins Agero Agero
Serenity Coder-Hoskins Agero Agero
Sara Coder-Hoskins Agero Agero
Jennifer Cole Bayview Loan Servicing Bayview Loan Servicing
CHEYENNE COLIN Bayview Loan Servicing Bayview Loan Servicing
Kris Collins   Nanees Butterflies
Brittney Conner AGERO Agero
Kim Coronado AGERO Agero
alexis coronado agero Agero
Deb Coronado Agero Agero
Lorraine Coronado   Raychel's Heroes
Andrea Coronado Agero Agero
Mario Corral Bayview Loan Servicing Bayview Loan Servicing
Jocelyn Cotter   Loving Amy
Caleb Crawford   The dreamers
Christian Cray   COFFEE TALK GALS
Ann Crews Bayview Loan Servicing Bayview Loan Servicing
Crystalann Cruz AGERO Agero
Adam Cruz Agero Agero
Marcela Cuevas Catalina Pointe Dominators
Kaelah Curran Agero Annie's Angels
Lori Dedecker   The dreamers
Aaron Dedecker   The dreamers
Desiree DeFoe Bayview Loan Servicing Bayview Loan Servicing
Val Denogean   Val's PALs
General Donation    
Michelle Donnelly AGERO Agero
Aleighya Donnelly 1990 Agero
Melissa Dreyer Coffee Talk COFFEE TALK GALS
Sydnee Dreyer   COFFEE TALK GALS
"There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life -- happiness, freedom, and peace of mind -- are always attained by giving them to someone else."
— Peyton Conway March
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